Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Next Meeting: May 25th

Greetings everyone!

Sorry about not holding a meeting last month. It's the end of the school year and it will all be over soon.  
I want to send out this reminder that our next meeting is May 25th. I'll post an agenda whenever I get the chance. 
It's still crazy and I apologize for that. 
The last day of school is the 22nd, so say a prayer!

God speed!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Meeting Minutes

  • The Clear Creek Pilgrimage has been canceled
  • Everyone in Juventutem that has a particular job description with a particular responsibility is to write a continuing job description, so that those who take their place can know what to do at the beginning.
  • It has been decided that we will commit to a youth catechesis to aid those who need it within our community.
    • It has been proposed that we hold a retreat for it during the summer.
    • We still have not decided whether we will cater more towards high school aged youth or middle school aged youth. 
      • There are certain factors being considered: 
        • how many leaders that are available, 
        • the needs of the EFM youth, 
        • the amount of young people that would participate in this initiative, 
        • whether going with an older draw would still encourage participation by middle school-age youth, 
        • whether going with a younger draw would still attract high school age youth. 
      • The lean is toward the high school teens at this time and will be decided upon soon (before the next meeting).

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 23 Agenda

   Future discussions:

  •       Review of content discussed in the February Meeting
    •      The Fellowship will inform the group of what they have discussed
    •      Reece will give an account of where we are as far as holy hours go 
    •  He will inform the group whether he has successfully informed our ministers about the current goings on of Juventutem.
    •      Julia will share what she has discussed with Logistics regarding what fun stuff she proposes we do for these holy hours. 
  •         Catechetical apostolate for those younger than Juventutem
    • Ascension Press “Journey Through the Bible” (for us)
    •          T3 with Mark Hart (for high schoolers). Apparently, Julia experienced this and gave it her verbal seal of approval
    •           Encounter (for middle schoolers) (also with Mark Hart)
    •          Readiness, willingness, and ability will be considered
  •         Job Description Assignment: Those who have responsibilities will create a job description that easily explains all of your responsibilities as you go for future people who holy your position

Points on the Pilgrimage Not Yet Organized
  • We need a date from Fr. Conner
    • The retreat upon arrival will last three full days
    • We will go after the Pontifical Mass on 6/29
  • Lucas, Paul and I are out.

    • Who to invite will matter when we get a short of list of guarantees
      • Let's make sure not to get too large a group, though. 

  • We should bring our own snacks so that there will be no stops 
  • It will take 9 hours to get there. There is no way we're stopping in Houston on our way to Oklahoma.
  • Departure Point should be the cathedral parking lot if at all possible. Is there any obstacle to that that I need to know about?
  • The trip is 527 miles total. If our vehicle is 10 mpg (which we should prepare for) it will take 106 gallons to make the trip there and back again. 106x$3.30= $350.00 divided between all pilgrims. Therefore, 6 pilgrims = $60 for gas and tolls alone.
  • They will request a $100 donation per person, so the cost per person is now $160.00. 
    • The ladies would stay in the guest house.
    • The men could stay in the guest rooms
  • Short list of things to bring: 
    • 3 pair of shoes (church, casual, and walking shoes)
    • traditional Breviary and Missal if you have one 
    • modest, but light summer clothes
    • Enough snacks to work for the departure and return
  • Items to make thisa true pilgrimage and not simply a vacation:
    • Prayers for the trip: Pilgrim's Prayer, Rosary, Angelus, Divine Mercy Chaplet
    • Listen to Good Catholic music and sermons (I have much of both) 
    • Definitely invite your spiritual director. The worst he can say is no.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Date of the Next Meeting Has Been Changed

The meeting minutes set the meeting date for March 30th, Laetare Sunday. 

However, a movie night is being planned at the Mendez household, which happens to be where I lay my hat, if I so choose (I wonder if I am invited *rubs hands together with a maniacal grin* #squatterstatus #recognize).  

We will meet on March 23rd instead, which is just fine with me, because now I'm covered until Sunday. 

I'm really doing a great job of fulfilling this activity resolution. 
Juventutem Meeting 2-23-14

(Before we have even sat down Julia has complained of the poor Latin of the prayers and will get to work bettering it.)

·         WE NEED MORE JOBS.  This need was mostly solved thusly:
o        Logistics Coordinator – Paul Benoit
o        Inventory – Amy Aguillard
o        Second Secretary – Reese Camel :|                                                                  o          Development – uhh…we’ll handle that as a group when the need comes.     
btw: Julia failed at getting in touch with Putt-Putt for fundraising…
·         We will start back the monthly Holy Hours; Second Secretary will take care of arranging/scheduling those with our priests.

o        Julia mentioned an idea of doing cool fun things along with the Holy Hours and then we moved on…

·         The proposed idea (apparently by Fr. Conner) of a Juventutem retreat to Clear Creek needs further discussion.
o        Expenses will need to be determined and met.
o        Most people were more or less kinda maybe available and/or willing to go and so therefore IT’S ON!!!  David is boss at percentaging abstract undetermined factors.
o        There will be a small group (Lucas, Grant, et David) in charge of organizing this trip/retreat. It shall be called The Fellowship of the Creek. They will be required to meet and discuss these things no later than before the next meeting.

*Lucas is fired for state reasons.*

·  To Prepare for the Next Meeting: March 30th 

   Future discussions:
                        o        Review of content discussed in the February Meeting
                                    §         The Fellowship will be expected to give an update as to what information has been gathered since the meeting and what we need to do to make this pilgrimage a success
                                    §         Reece will give an account of where we are as far as holy hours go and any information regarding that that has been discussed with the Coordinator, Treasurer, and Inventory and Logistics. He will also inform the group whether he has successfully informed our ministers about the current goings on of Juventutem.
                                    §         Julia will share what she has discussed with Logistics regarding what fun stuff she proposes we do for these holy hours. Development will be placed in charge of getting the word out. O, wait...
o        Catechetical apostolate for those younger than Juventutem
§         Ascension Press “Journey Through the Bible” (for us)
§         T3 with Mark Hart (for high schoolers). Apparently, Julia experienced this and gave it her verbal seal of approval
                              §          Encounter (for middle schoolers) (also with Mark Hart)
                              §         Readiness, willingness, and ability will be considered

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Next Juventutem Meeting Plus Agenda

Greetings Juventutem Lake Charles!

Things have been pretty quiet since the March for Life. I've been playing a heck of a lot of catch up since we got back and the travel expense broke my bank! I'm still offering prayer and sacrifices for the dignity of human life. FACT!

Anyway, now that I've got some things under control, it's time to start getting things regrouped and back together again, because some of our endeavors have gone by the wayside.

The next Juventutem meeting is on February 23rd.

Here is the agenda for the meeting. Please read it ahead of time, so that we'll be ready for these points of discussion. That way, we can address our cares and concerns from members that much quicker:
  • There is a need for a few more responsibilities
    • Current Responsibilities:
      • Coordinator: David Hardey. Sets everything in place for goals to be met. Attends all meetings and events of all sorts if at all possible. 
      • Treasurer: Mary Catherine Scarbrough. Keeper of the money bag. At every meeting, she simply let's us know how we're doing monetarily. She communicates any purchase requests to me for approval.
      • Secretary: Julia Falgoust. Recorder of Monthly meetings. Sends monthly minutes to the Coordinator. Serves as the right hand of the Coordinator in all things. 
    • Needed Positions and Responsibilities:
      • Inventory Control Specialist: Store all non-monetary assets and assists Logistics with set up for events ahead of time (holy hours, fundraisers, meetings, mandafun, et cetera). Must find someone to take care of their responsibilities as a substitute and/or helper. All purchased materials goes to this person. [Any purchasing from Juventutem must be approved by Group Coordinator through the Treasurer. Keeping this chain of communication is what keeps communication smooth]. If materials are needed for any event of any kind, this is the person who knows what is or is not at our disposal.
      • Logistics Coordinator: Oversees the planning of all important events. Stays in communication with Coordinator and Secretary. Sets up meetings, whether they are electronic or personal. Dependent on Inventory for materials and Treasurer for any needed funding.
      • 2nd secretary: Monthly secretarial duties, id est informing all of our ministers of upcoming Juventutem events and setting up a schedule of holy hours with St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, et cetera. 
      • Development Coordinator: Responsible for continually seeking out ways that we can raise funds. Oversees the carrying out of proposed fundraising opportunities, evaluates what would work and what wouldn't, works with Logistics on what fundraisers have been confirmed and how they will be carried out.
  • We need to restart our prayer apostolate of holy hours, which has fallen off the wayside as of late.
    • This revival will be spearheaded by the chosen 2nd Secretary
  • We need to restart our community fellowship events (mandafun!), which are still being maintained thanks to Paul and Kyrie among others. Thanks to all of you who have maintained fellowship while I have been regrouping. That is one sure-fire way to keep us together when your coordinator is down for the count.
  • There has been some behind-the-scenes talk about a pilgrimage to Clear Creek Monastery over the summer. This must be brought out for discussion and decided upon in this meeting. Please consider the following while considering this pilgrimage:
    • Expenses and our ability to pay for the trip and the donation that they will request of us.
    • Necessary planning: Logistics and J-dogg would have to have a sit down meeting to write up all necessary things to bring/wear.
    • Julia would be responsible for communication with Clear Creek.
    • What else would commitment to this pilgrimage sacrifice and is that worth it?
    • How many pilgrimages can/should our youth group handle in a year's time?
    • Fundraising plans: Development is in charge of this based on whether it's a go or not.
  • The youth in our community are seeking spiritual nourishment among peers. We ought to try to develop a catechetical apostolate that can meet that need.
    • First, it will be decided whether there is a need for it and if we are capable of committing to such a responsibility. The remainder is based on if we take on the task:
    • I will propose that we will first be catechised by the Ascension Press Journey through the Bible led by Jeff Cavins and that our apostolate will be to offer either Ascension Press' T-3 for High School Age Bible Study or Ascension Press' Encounter for Middle School Age Bible Study.
      • Which age group will be considered in discussion and will be based on the need and our ability to catechize and evangelize. Check out the links below for a preview:
      • Material expenses will be considered
        • How long should it take to acquire these materials?
        • Fundraiser plans: Development is in charge of this and must meet with Logistics, Inventory and Mary Catherine.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fundraiser Results Are In

Greetings Everyone,
Mr. Dalton called me today and informed me that the overall results landed us a little over $200.00, which I consider a huge success.
Keep praying for the funds we need to come in!