Friday, March 14, 2014

March 23 Agenda

   Future discussions:

  •       Review of content discussed in the February Meeting
    •      The Fellowship will inform the group of what they have discussed
    •      Reece will give an account of where we are as far as holy hours go 
    •  He will inform the group whether he has successfully informed our ministers about the current goings on of Juventutem.
    •      Julia will share what she has discussed with Logistics regarding what fun stuff she proposes we do for these holy hours. 
  •         Catechetical apostolate for those younger than Juventutem
    • Ascension Press “Journey Through the Bible” (for us)
    •          T3 with Mark Hart (for high schoolers). Apparently, Julia experienced this and gave it her verbal seal of approval
    •           Encounter (for middle schoolers) (also with Mark Hart)
    •          Readiness, willingness, and ability will be considered
  •         Job Description Assignment: Those who have responsibilities will create a job description that easily explains all of your responsibilities as you go for future people who holy your position

Points on the Pilgrimage Not Yet Organized
  • We need a date from Fr. Conner
    • The retreat upon arrival will last three full days
    • We will go after the Pontifical Mass on 6/29
  • Lucas, Paul and I are out.

    • Who to invite will matter when we get a short of list of guarantees
      • Let's make sure not to get too large a group, though. 

  • We should bring our own snacks so that there will be no stops 
  • It will take 9 hours to get there. There is no way we're stopping in Houston on our way to Oklahoma.
  • Departure Point should be the cathedral parking lot if at all possible. Is there any obstacle to that that I need to know about?
  • The trip is 527 miles total. If our vehicle is 10 mpg (which we should prepare for) it will take 106 gallons to make the trip there and back again. 106x$3.30= $350.00 divided between all pilgrims. Therefore, 6 pilgrims = $60 for gas and tolls alone.
  • They will request a $100 donation per person, so the cost per person is now $160.00. 
    • The ladies would stay in the guest house.
    • The men could stay in the guest rooms
  • Short list of things to bring: 
    • 3 pair of shoes (church, casual, and walking shoes)
    • traditional Breviary and Missal if you have one 
    • modest, but light summer clothes
    • Enough snacks to work for the departure and return
  • Items to make thisa true pilgrimage and not simply a vacation:
    • Prayers for the trip: Pilgrim's Prayer, Rosary, Angelus, Divine Mercy Chaplet
    • Listen to Good Catholic music and sermons (I have much of both) 
    • Definitely invite your spiritual director. The worst he can say is no.

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