Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Meeting Minutes

  • The Clear Creek Pilgrimage has been canceled
  • Everyone in Juventutem that has a particular job description with a particular responsibility is to write a continuing job description, so that those who take their place can know what to do at the beginning.
  • It has been decided that we will commit to a youth catechesis to aid those who need it within our community.
    • It has been proposed that we hold a retreat for it during the summer.
    • We still have not decided whether we will cater more towards high school aged youth or middle school aged youth. 
      • There are certain factors being considered: 
        • how many leaders that are available, 
        • the needs of the EFM youth, 
        • the amount of young people that would participate in this initiative, 
        • whether going with an older draw would still encourage participation by middle school-age youth, 
        • whether going with a younger draw would still attract high school age youth. 
      • The lean is toward the high school teens at this time and will be decided upon soon (before the next meeting).

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