Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Juventutem Meeting 2-23-14

(Before we have even sat down Julia has complained of the poor Latin of the prayers and will get to work bettering it.)

·         WE NEED MORE JOBS.  This need was mostly solved thusly:
o        Logistics Coordinator – Paul Benoit
o        Inventory – Amy Aguillard
o        Second Secretary – Reese Camel :|                                                                  o          Development – uhh…we’ll handle that as a group when the need comes.     
btw: Julia failed at getting in touch with Putt-Putt for fundraising…
·         We will start back the monthly Holy Hours; Second Secretary will take care of arranging/scheduling those with our priests.

o        Julia mentioned an idea of doing cool fun things along with the Holy Hours and then we moved on…

·         The proposed idea (apparently by Fr. Conner) of a Juventutem retreat to Clear Creek needs further discussion.
o        Expenses will need to be determined and met.
o        Most people were more or less kinda maybe available and/or willing to go and so therefore IT’S ON!!!  David is boss at percentaging abstract undetermined factors.
o        There will be a small group (Lucas, Grant, et David) in charge of organizing this trip/retreat. It shall be called The Fellowship of the Creek. They will be required to meet and discuss these things no later than before the next meeting.

*Lucas is fired for state reasons.*

·  To Prepare for the Next Meeting: March 30th 

   Future discussions:
                        o        Review of content discussed in the February Meeting
                                    §         The Fellowship will be expected to give an update as to what information has been gathered since the meeting and what we need to do to make this pilgrimage a success
                                    §         Reece will give an account of where we are as far as holy hours go and any information regarding that that has been discussed with the Coordinator, Treasurer, and Inventory and Logistics. He will also inform the group whether he has successfully informed our ministers about the current goings on of Juventutem.
                                    §         Julia will share what she has discussed with Logistics regarding what fun stuff she proposes we do for these holy hours. Development will be placed in charge of getting the word out. O, wait...
o        Catechetical apostolate for those younger than Juventutem
§         Ascension Press “Journey Through the Bible” (for us)
§         T3 with Mark Hart (for high schoolers). Apparently, Julia experienced this and gave it her verbal seal of approval
                              §          Encounter (for middle schoolers) (also with Mark Hart)
                              §         Readiness, willingness, and ability will be considered

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  1. Hello LC!

    We'll be at Clear Creek, starting Monday, March 3, 2014 (see also: Facebook).

    Maybe you can join us there, first week of March, 2015, during our third annual visit?

    In the meantime, if you send us any questions about the place before we take on Friday, we'd be glad to seek answers for you, during our visit.

    God bless,
    Juventutem Michigan

    ps - are any of y'all coming to Chicago?