Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Meeting Minutes (with a little commentary)

July Meeting Minutes

1.      Reminder of upcoming events:
a.       Canoe Trip: it was a huge success and we’ll definitely do this again
b.      Book Study: Wednesdays at 6:30 P.M. at Books-a-Million
                                                              i.      Note: after the meeting, Grant told me that he would be unable to do the book study after the month of August, so I will write up a book study schedule that reflects that. We’ll pick it back up when Grant is ready
c.       Tennis: Sundays after Mass. I have fun. Maybe you will, too. Grant looked a little timid about the schedule I posted, but I’ll keep y’all up to speed with whether he can make it or not on a given weekend, provided he tell me ahead of time. I just need to get my own equipment. It’s too fun to not do on Sunday, when the weather permits. Just sayin’
2.      Holy Hour Update
a.       9/10: Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church
                                                              i.      Hang Out time will be at the church as well
b.      We will begin to go to perpetual adoration chapels to pray together
                                                              i.      I will establish a schedule for this. 
c.       It took me longer than expected to get an email out to Father Conner regarding the August holy hour, so no promises there.
3.      T-shirt Update
a.       I’m back at my office, so I will be able to send the T-Shirt information to Kitty Clark to help us out with that
b.      Shirt Sizes were collected
c.       Once and invoice is granted, money for it will be collected
d.      This will still be a slow process, since the beginning of the school year is one of the really stressful parts of my job and requires many extra hours at the office.
4.      Julia Falgoust proposed a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. for the March for Life.
a.       We will do this. I have called Miss T and David Dawson for information on what I need to have prepared for this trip.
b.      I have also spoken with Paul Schultz (the leader of Juventutem Michigan) regarding scheduling, so we’ll have this well-prepared for a little inter-Juvi mingling (fun!)
5.      Reminder of what is expected of active Juventutem Members:
a.       Definition of an Active Member = someone who takes part physically and not only in spirit in the activities of a Juventutem chapter.
b.      Spiritual Committments:
                                                              i.      Every Day: pray for the sanctification of youth, especially for other members of Juventutem.
                                                            ii.      Every Week: enter a church or oratory at least once to adore Our Lord present in the tabernacle. This may be any day and it may be during Mass as well.
                                                          iii.      Every Year:
1.      Hearing Holy Mass in the extraordinary form at least once, but for us, we have decided to go as often as possible
2.      Going to Confession at least once
3.      Taking part in some Juventutem activity
6.      Christina Tina Lena Orsot proposed that we adopt an apologetic-style catechesis program
a.       We took a vote and it was a landslide preference that we meet for catechesis around our holy hour schedule
b.      I will post a poll on facebook asking the question of method. Options will include:
                                                              i.      Having a speaker come and speak with us: either myself or a priest (why do I have a feeling this is going to be me lol?)
                                                            ii.      Beginner Apologetics series
                                                          iii.      Using as a resource
                                                          iv.      Lighthouse Catholic CD’s
I will post a poll on facebook. I’d like to post that poll on my blog, but since I haven’t figured that out yet… blog viewers will have to message me, I guess for now.
7.      Lucas mentioned that we will be busy as a Juventutem group with cleaning the church by sweeping, mopping, and cutting the grass. I will leave that project to him for communication between the parish and our youth group. Thank you, Lucas!

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