Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes
·         Book Study: Wednesdays at 6:30 P.M. at Books-a-Million.
·         Tennis: Come Watch Heidi beat me in tennis at the McNeese tennis court on Sunday, September 8th, after Mass.
·         Movie Night: A Man for All Seasons at Heidi’s House on September 1 after Mass
·         Holy Hour Update
o   Don’t forget: 9/10: Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church. 
o   Hang Out time will be at the church as well. 
·         We will begin to go to perpetual adoration chapels to pray together. 
o   I still haven’t established a schedule for this
·         The Holy Hour with Father Conner last night was a truly excellent time. Thanks to everyone who made it great
·         T-shirt Update: I am still in the phase of difficulty. I’ll try to get some work on this done this week.
·         March for Life: I am having an impossible time getting a hold of Miss T.
o   Julia is in charge of communicating with Ms. T in order for me to get what I need
§  I’m not doing all this planning if I don’t have a practical checklist to work with and I’m not doing a guessing game.
·         Catechesis: we will use for our future catechesis.
o   We will draw on this for our apologetics. We will do this in our down time after holy hours (which I still need to schedule)
·         Julia Falgoust was appointed to organize the holy hour with the cathedral in order for the bishop to have a date to come and lead us.
Lucas mentioned that we will be busy as a Juventutem group with cleaning the church by sweeping, mopping, and cutting the grass. This is just a reiteration that I will leave that project to him for communication between the parish and our youth group. Thank you, Lucas!

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