Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Regarding the Required Hoodies for the March

Salvete fratres,

It was brought to my attention that there is a required hoodie to buy for the March for Life.
I called Ms. T and spoke with her about it.
I let her know there would certainly be 2 people in our group who can't afford it and that we're still raising money for those who do not have the funds for such a trip.
She told me that those who simply can't afford it should not worry about it.
It is required for those who can.
I can, so I will pay my $25.00.
She was also concerned about the fact that I had to be told by y'all about the hoodies and said that this isn't the first alert that the message is not going out, so she will look into that.
She also said that there is a meeting in the letter that was sent out.
If someone would be so kind as to inform me of the nature of that meeting, I would greatly appreciate it.

God speed!

David Hardey

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